Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care, Reimagined...

Our Mission

Advocacy: Accessing medical care can be intimidating. When facing a health concern, you should not have to navigate the system alone. We provide patient-centered care, collaborating with specialists in order to streamline your experience.

Connectivity: Healthcare should not be rushed. We offer 60-minute appointments, in order to address all of your healthcare concerns. Our approach allows time to discuss your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Empowerment: We educate our patients so they can take ownership of their health. Once we identify opportunities for improvement, we work together to make a plan to meet your needs.

Sensitivity: We understand that a physical exam may trigger anxiety. Our Medical Director has years of experience treating male and female sexual assault survivors. We provide care in a relaxing environment; our exam room has a comfortable recliner, cozy blankets, soft lighting, and a water feature. We create a positive and supportive experience for the patient.

Compassion: We recognize that life stressors can pose an obstacle to self-care. It is important to acknowledge the toll that stress takes on your health. Self-care is required in order to care for others. We will work with you in order to identify barriers to self-care and set achievable goals.

How can we help you feel better?

  • We take pride in advocating for our patients by personally collaborating with specialists to expedite care.
  • We take the time to explain all aspects of your health. Once we identify opportunities for improvement, we work together to make a healthcare plan to meet your needs. 
  • We offer 60 minute appointments in a relaxed environment. This gives us time to explore all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional well-being..
  • Caring for yourself is an essential requirement to adequately care for others. We recognize the importance of acknowledging the life stressors our patients are experiencing. 

Our Services

  • Primary Care to men and women ages 12 and over.
  • Women’s Health 
  • Nutrition Evaluations 
  • Mental Health Referrals and Collaboration 

Making an Appointment

Appointments are available at our North Reading location, by TeleMedicine, or in the comfort of your home or at your office.

You can schedule an appointment through our website.

Spanish and Portuguese interpreter services are available.

Making an Appointment

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