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Kathleen Logan


Kathleen Logan, FNP-C


Our History

After practicing hospital based medicine for most of my career, I decided to pursue my dream of opening my own primary care practice. Broadway Healthcare first opened its doors in 2020. The original practice was located on Broadway in Derry, New Hampshire. In 2022 we relocated to North Reading, Massachusetts.

Our Philosophy

Accessing medical care can be intimidating. When facing a health concern, you should not have to navigate the system alone. I take pride in collaborating with specialists in order to provide patient-centered care.

You should never feel rushed during a healthcare visit. I offer 60 minute appointments to fully address your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Empowering my patients is important to me. We will work together to make a plan that will meet your needs. You will receive education and support to help take ownership of your health.

As a former sexual assault nurse examiner, I understand a physical exam may trigger anxiety. I create a supportive environment for the patient to have a positive experience.

Life stressors can pose barriers to wellness. I will work with you to identify opportunities for self-care and set achievable goals.

Please reach out to make an appointment so we can further discuss your healthcare needs.

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Kathleen Logan, FNP-C

Medical Director

What We're All About

Personalized Care

Think of our team as your team, advocating for your health and well-being. Our professionals genuinely care about each individual who comes to us ready to grow and turn their lives around. We will guide and support you on your wellness journey with individualized solutions and treatments based on your needs and desires.

Integrative Healthcare

If you could reduce the number of doctors and specialists you have to see, wouldn’t you? Our practice covers all of your healthcare needs and looks at the big picture. We will communicate directly with your specialist and accompany you to your appointments in order to streamline care. Our goal is to put you in charge of your care and advocate for you. We also encourage alternative medicine in combination with traditional modalities, such as reiki and reflexology.


We take your privacy and personal information very seriously and understand the sensitivity of certain health matters. We treat every patient with the utmost respect and care, always free of judgment. You’ll feel safe and comfortable every time you visit us or meet with one of our practitioners.


Broadway Healthcare aims to minimize barriers between our local community and their healthcare needs. Instead, we accept direct payments at the time of service or set up a payment plan that works for you we also except most insurances. This allows us to deliver quality healthcare to a more diverse population.



At Broadway Healthcare, we are working to make healthcare more accessible and welcoming. You want to know that your provider cares about your wellness needs and concerns—and that you’re not just a number. Our variety of services and options make it possible for us to deliver personalized care to every patient. All we need from you is the willingness to make a change in your health.

Our patients benefit from:

  • Simple pricing with cash payments, flexible payment plans, or insurance.
  • Quality healthcare in our office, in the comfort of their home or workplace.
  • An integrated, personalized approach to their health goals and concerns.
  • One facility that takes care of all their healthcare needs.




Our boutique healthcare facility is the perfect option for:

  • The mother suffering from constant migraines and overdue for a pap smear.
  • The stressed professional who wants regular IV hydration treatments in the office.
  • The busy woman looking for convenient primary and gynecological care in one place.
  • The sexual assault survivor searching for a trained, sensitive practitioner & empowering resources.
  • The transgender patient in need of accepting, judgment-free healthcare.
  • The frustrated individual ready to optimize their mental and physical well-being.

...plus many people in between! Contact us today to find out if we’re the right fit for your health goals.